Friday, July 30, 2010


Well folks, the last two days have been electric. We've had an arena show featuring all manner of celebrities. Scouts have been earning Electricity and Electronics Merit Badges in record numbers. Not too shabby.

Yesterday saw the arrival of some pretty severe weather. We were deluged around lunchtime with torrential rains and heavy winds. Our booth was blown open and the electronics were hit with rain (thankfully, nothing broke). Our Web cam is operational, YouTube and photos are being updated constantly and we're going flying on a Blackhawk this a.m. Holy cow!!!

Jambo 2o10 is full of Scouting spirit and espirt de corps. There are phenomenal examples of young people demonstrating leadership and self-driven behavior. If you want to re-center yourself, come to the Jambo and spend a few days. It will recalibrate your notions of what America's youth is up too and strip away any malaise.

We're about halfway through and going stronger than ever. Watch for new photos, videos, Tweets and Facebook updates throughout the rest of the Jambo.

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