Wednesday, March 03, 2010

March Madness

For all you experts in bracketology out there, check out this lineup for the National Scout Jamboree 2010: Electricity and Electronics Merit Badges will line up toe to toe on the Merit Badge Midway for 2 weeks of epic Scouting fun. The emeritbadges project is sponsoring both booths and we'll be moving a small city to make it all happen. Stay tuned for more coverage leading up to the event and continuous live coverage via video, Facebook, Tweets and more during the event. Got Jambo?

Keep it tuned where you know it's always electrifying (OK, that was really bad):

P.S. Since we've attracted some fun comments from all sorts of folks, we're back to restricting updates to registered users. Sorry. We tried. Seems like a few foreign princes and pharmaceutical merchants have to ruin it for everyone.