Saturday, September 03, 2005

DOE Site for Hurricane Data

Check this out:

Katrina Hits Hard. We Hit Back.

Here is a PSA (Public Service Announcement) requesting that people get involved and help those effected by Hurricane Katrina. The transcript is below. There is a MP3 version and a high quality AIFF for your use. All podcasters, radio stations and webmasters are encourage to download the PSA and use it ASAP.
  • MP3 30s 232MB 64kbps
  • AIFF 30s 2.49MB 705kbps 44.1 kHz

PSA Transcript:In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina you can help people in need. Here are a few suggestions.Contact your local Red Cross, Donate blood, call 1 800 HELP NOW, you can also donate money, go to, and as well you can contact your local church, synagogue, or mosque and find out what they are doing to help people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for your help and get involved!