Friday, July 23, 2010

Tacky Lanterns

Well folks, here's the deal. We encountered two challenges yesterday and we're springing into action:

Challenge -- Philips donated a boatload of CFL and LED bulbs. Thinking the Jambo still had incandescent bulbs, we thought we'd just swap out the old bulbs with ours and be all set. We showed up yesterday to find CFL tube lighting across our booths. What to do? We brainstormed and came up with a crazy idea. Why not string Japanese lanterns across the ceiling of both booths? We're going to need 644' of Japanese lanterns. Let's hope Party City comes through for us. Thanks Philips for sponsoring. And while we're at it, thanks to all our great sponsors. We couldn't do it without you!

We'll continue to report the good, the really good and the quasi-epic as they occur. Where's the freshest newsfeed for Jambo 2010? Where? Right here, that's where.

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