Thursday, July 28, 2005


We apologize for our site outages and are working to get the situation resolved. ASAP.

Breaking news: Tonight's Arena Show is canceled. Details TBA later.


Anonymous said...

Arena Show cancelled?
Is this Wednesday's Areana show? Or has the rescheduled show (Thursday) also been cancelled?

Anonymous said...

This has been announced on the Jambo website.

Focus Shifts to July 31 Show
The opening show will not be rescheduled. Instead, the staff is concentrating on the next arena show, which is scheduled for Sunday, July 31.

Currently, no announcement has been made regarding the possibility of President Bush's appearance.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen to te SNOW that was expected at the 1st arena show¿ Sounds like they could have used a little snow for comfort. Well, with one less show, they'll have more time at the activities!!

Anonymous said...

How disappointing for my husband who is not with a contingent. They are leaving Saturday. My son is with a contingent so he is not affected. Any reasons why they totally canceled it?

Anonymous said...

Emeritbadges: can you please block this person from posting on your site?

Robin, A Very Proud Parent!! said...

Please block this person!!!He/She/It is becoming vulger. We are all here because of a loved one being involved with the Jamboree. We are all PROUD of every single one of them.